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Stop losing business from prospects with delinquent tax issues!

Many practitioners do not specialize in solving tax problems. Dealing with the IRS isn’t always straightforward. We are certified tax problem resolution specialists. We solve delinquent tax issues that many other practitioners shy away from due to lacl of experience.


Accounts in Collection

If it seems like the IRS is growing increasingly onerous, it’s because it is.  Why?

The tax gap arises when taxpayers, whether intentionally or inadvertently, fail to accurately report tax liabilities on tax returns (underreporting), pay taxes due from filed returns (underpayment), or fail to file a required tax return altogether or on time (non-filing).

The tax gap is spread across the five types of taxes that IRS administers—individual income, corporate income, employment, estate, and excise taxes.  Underreporting, particularly of individual income taxes, accounts for most of the tax gap‑estimated at over $385 billion.

The IRS Collection Division reported 11.7 million taxpayer accounts in inventory at the end of 2013. If your client falls into this category – we can help.

Consequently, the IRS has focused their attention on enforcement.  If you’re on the receiving end, you’ll quickly learn that the IRS is ruthless.

Attorneys, CPAs, Realtors

We have the skills and resources to help your clients achieve a satisfactory outcome when dealing with the IRS.

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