9 Steps To Move Customers From Dissatisfied To Satisfied

When a customer is dissatisfied, it’s important to get things back on track as quickly as possible. Use the following steps as appropriate to help you get there:

Find out what the problem is

Listen carefully. Ask questions, and paraphrase to be sure you understand the problem.

Find out what the customer expects to be done about it

Listen to what the customer wants you to do.

Take personal responsibility for solving the problem.

Offer to help. Explain the options to your customer calmly.

Go out of your way to make the customer comfortable.

If you know the problem may take a while to solve, do whatever you can to make your customer comfortable during the wait.

Maintain an objective frame of mind

If someone is angry, don’t take it personally. They’re angry at the problem, not at you. So just listen. Let them get their feelings out.

Stay positive and calm

Apologize for the difficulty, even when it wasn’t your fault. Never blame others for the problem, or tell them it’s something that “always happens”.

Resolve the problem quickly

Try to determine the fastest, most effective way to solve the problem. Offer reasonable alternatives if you can’t give them exactly what they want.

Follow through

At a later time, make sure that the problem was solved to the customer’s satisfaction. Send a letter of apology, a gift, or premiums such as coupons, a free item, or additional service.

Look at the big picture.

Determine if the problem is a recurring one. If so, figure out ways to prevent it from happening again.