More Customers, Higher Sales


What is marketing? Generally speaking, most business people equate with selling and advertising.

Marketing, though, is much more than selling.

It is about identifying your customers, finding out what they need, want and desire and then coming up with a product or service at the right price and place and with the right service and quality to satisfy their needs. Selling and advertising is promoting the product so that the purchase can take place.

This is the key to marketing: putting the customers first.

Until you know who your customers are and what their real needs are, it is useless trying to sell what you want to sell. Customers will buy from you only when they believe you can satisfy their needs and/or solve their problems. You have to study your customers before you can say, “This is what they want” or “This is the offer I will make to them.”

You usually will not just make a single offer to your customers. Most businesses find that they have groups of customers (with common needs), rather than one unified market. This means that you will have to make group offers, rather than one universal offer. The key factors you must consider in each offer are:

• The Products or services you can provide
• The Price you will charge
• Your Place in the market
• The Promotion techniques you will use

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