Like Everyone Else, Customers Want The Truth

suprised ladyIf you want any relationship to work, you have to get this right. Honest, two-way communication is the foundation for trust, respect, integrity and loyalty. And it doesn’t always come easy. It often requires courage.

Consider your own experience as a customer. Remember a time when you felt cheated or misled. The business may not have even been intentionally cheating you or jerking you around. But the point is, you felt that way. And you may have customers who have felt the same way about your business.

Think back to your bad experience. Would you have felt differently if the company had clearly stated prices, order tracking or delivery schedules that were available to you as a customer?

Would it have made a difference if someone had recognized the problem they caused you, accepted responsibility and offered an alternative?

Would you have more faith in the business if a representative of that business just plain told you the truth instead of trying to cover their tracks or avoid having to resolve the problem? Chances are you’re saying ‘yes’ right now.

If you want to create a lasting relationship with your customers, it would be wise to make sure you offer them the truth and an open ear. No one wants to feel ignored or dismissed, especially if they are already upset.

One of the best ways to let your customers know you are listening is to implement their ideas. Who better to know how you can better serve them than your customers? When they let you know what you can do to make them happier, truly listen and assess their ideas.