5 Ways To Add Value And Win More Customers

canstockphoto21439841Adding value is the best way to gain a competitive advantage without sacrificing your profits.

Here are five quick tips for adding value to your customers business experience:

  1. Routinely ask your clients how you could better service their needs. Find out what they want and respond to their suggestions.
  2. Use a newsletter to keep past and current clients informed of your offerings. Include valuable information that will keep it interesting.
  3. “Try before you buy.” Offer your customers samples of your products or services to give them a taste of what is available.
  4. After-sales follow-up. Find out if the customer is happy with their purchase. Offer additional services such as training or a maintenance warranty.
  5. Let your customers or clients share their skills, tips, and experiences with one another. Host a monthly forum and feature a guest speaker.

Don’t compete on price. Instead, work to add value to your customers in other ways.