5 Ways To Add Value And Win More Customers

Adding value is the best way to gain a competitive advantage without sacrificing your profits. Here are five quick tips for adding value to your customers business experience: Routinely ask your clients how you could better service their needs. Find out what they want and respond to their suggestions. Use a newsletter to keep past […]

Is Your Marketing Plan Diversified?

There’s a standing joke in the industry that 50% of your advertising is wasted. The problem is identifying which 50% it is! In fact, the 50% estimate is being generous. It’s probably closer to 100% that’s wasted–and at least you know which 100% it is…it’s yours! One of the fastest ways to waste money is […]

Get Ahead Of The Pack – Systematize Your Business

Get Ahead of the Pack by Systematizing Your Business All businesses have systems. They make the wheels of your business machine turn. Some systems are formal and many are informal. Systems that are informal can keep your wheels from turning smoothly when it comes to day-to-day operations, closing sales and ultimately selling or passing down […]

Your Business Value Proposition

MAKING YOUR BUSINESS YOU-NIQUE … THE KEY TO YOUR MARKETING GOLDMINE The difference between your business and every other business is YOU. While many businesses perform the same function, the more successful ones distinguish themselves by delivering better service, producing a higher quality product or improving their clients’ quality of life. Equally important, successful businesses […]

Is Your Business Ready For A Consultant?

The Ins and Outs of Hiring a Consultant to Help Grow Your Business While small businesses have to be ever-vigilant in how they spend their money, a consultant can be an effective resource for pushing the business into the next stage of growth. A consultant can also offer a valuable outside perspective for companies who […]